Going incognito to my meeting.

As the world wakes up from this pandemic, we are slowly making our way back to being with other people. In many parts of the world - Australia for example, life is very much "normal." Here in North America, there are pockets of normalcy. My community has just relaxed the Public Health guidelines so that some limited indoor dining and meetings can happen. For 12 Step groups this means that meeting places can open again with proper precautions - no more than 50 people. Wow, I haven't been to a 50 person meeting in my life! So, maybe I'll shave and get out of my flannel pajamas long enough to go be with other people in recovery for the first time in months! If you are still locked down hard, I encourage you to reach out to others in any way possible. By text, email, phone, even writing letters - you know, "Old School." I received a real hand written letter a few days ago and it reminded me what a beautiful gesture it can be.