"Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends..." ELP 

If you are old enough to get this musicology reference I applaud you. It's the title of a live album from Emerson, Lake, and Palmer - an iconic progressive rock band.

The journey of the Real Sobriety podcast goes on forever and ever. After over 100 episodes posted, I took some time away from this project and set my attention on some other activities - like moving back to my wife's home country of Canada, having a total knee replacement, and, of course, trying to remain safe and sane during a world wide pandemic.

The podcast is back! I am going to produce regular episodes of about 10 to 15 minutes each. Every once in a while, I'll convince someone else in our broad recovery community to co-host and/or be a guest on a longer episode. Email me if you'd like to join the podcast at RealSobrietyRobert@gmail.com

So, please subscribe via the button - you can choose to listen on most of the major podcast platforms, or just come back here and listen on the home page. 

Thanks for being here for me today - Now go out and Love One Another.